Buying your first Backgammon Chess set

What you choose when buying your first Backgammon Chess set is up to you, but it will most likely depend on how much interest in the game you have, how much time you invest playing in, and how much money can you invest in the purchase. Where to choose from will not pose an issue for there are many options in the market for Backgammon and Chess sets, starting from two faced magnetic boards with magnetic markers and pieces, or simple inexpensive wooden cases, to unbelievably beautiful and expensive hand made tables in wood, stone, or even glass.

If you are a social player and do not spend more than a few hours a year playing Backgammon or Chess, you will probably want to buy something you can fold and tuck away somewhere and costs as little as you are willing to pay. Although games are available online in many of the same places that offer online poker and other online casino games, it is very nice to have your own equipment.

If on the contrary, you play almost every day at a local club, online, or elsewhere, you will be looking for something long-lasting, sturdy, movable and probably that sports some kind of special event or brand in its case; you might also want two have two sets: one for more special, formal occasions, and another for daily practice. If you area serious player, buying your first Backgammon Chess set will be an occasion; especially if you count with the budget, you will probably look for something special and unique that will serve its practical finality as well as add some beauty and splendor to your games. In general, if you are a dedicated player, when buying your first Backgammon Chess set you will be more likely to spend a bit more than a social player, and your choices will seem infinite, in particular if you are not budget restrained.